H&T has made a significant investment in our own seed enhancement technology.

We take plant genetics from New Zealand and abroad and custom-treat with unique seed enhancement products.

Our Cimbria CC-150 Centricoater is entering its third year of operation and has very accurate dosing technology ensuring even seed-loading.

It is highly specified with 7 dose lines and a PLC controller to allow multi-stage layering of crop protection and enhancement products.

All seed is conveyed into the seed treater with Cimbria elevators to maintain seed line cleanliness and integrity.

Owning our own machinery allows us to allows us to treat at high output with our choice of:

  • The best seed insecticides available
  • Bio-stimulants for improved germination and root growth
  • The correct seed treatment fungicide for any given crop
  • Trace elements specific to crop species
  • Polymers for retention of active ingredients on the seed and to improve flowability through 
the planter

The CC-150 was selected for its accuracy of placement to ensure fine application tolerances are observed and maintained.

It also allows crop protection and enhancement products to be applied 
in sequential, separated films to avoid any compatibility issues and to place the products where they are needed in relation to each other and to the seed. It finishes the seed with blue high-lustre polymer to minimise dust-off.

All chemicals are contained in 2 x 200L and 2 x 400L stainless steel, agitated tanks specifically designed by Cimbria for the containment of chemical.

All plumbing and joinery is stainless steel for cleanliness and corrosion reasons, installed to specification to mitigate any corrosion issues.

The platform structure is manufactured to a very high standard of strength and safety, is well lit and ventilated.

Samples are taken off all seeds mixed and treated, and may be checked from time to time for active ingredient loading and dust specification.

Our machinery and operators are subject to a stringent safety and cleanliness audit every year.

The entire structure is bunded both
 at ground level and on the first floor operator level to contain any spill or leak.

Dust removal is critical for operator safety, product accuracy, and we have installed industry leading dust-removal and containment equipment to handle any dust created during seed mixing and again prior to and during treating.

The machinery is cleaned throughout following each treatment series, to eliminate cross-contamination of seed lines or chemical residues.

Any water used in the flushing and cleaning of the equipment is collected in a 1000L container and emptied
 as required in accordance with our wastewater disposal policy.

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