Motivated by Excellence

H&T Optimised® is the culmination of our vision to bring you the very best seed enhancement from New Zealand and around the world.

We assess potential ingredients from overseas in a New Zealand environment and if they show positive results for yield, protection from pests or disease we add them to the H&T Optimised® recipe for that seed type.

At the core of H&T Optimised® is our bio-stimulant, a sophisticated blend of humic and fulvic acids applied directly to the seed via our Cimbria Centricoater CC-150. Our bio-stimulant is designed to increase yield and maximise the genetic potential of cereals, maize and pasture.

It encourages robust root development making the plant better equipped to exploit the natural resources of the soil, providing stronger root growth, improved vigour and ultimately higher yields.

Bio-stimulants are routinely included in most H&T Optimised® products.

H&T Optimised® has shown to improve maize root mass by 400% at 39 days after sowing. Click here to go to our brassica technote or download the trial data.