We have a proud history of innovation. It’s our future too.

At H&T we realise that to be out in front we need to stay out in front.

We take the time to assess new methods, search for new opportunities and push the boundaries. Our seed business sources the very best genetics from New Zealand and abroad. We then utilise the H&T Optimised seed enhancement programme to add further value to your crops.

World-leading seed enhancement

From our base in Feilding, we’ve developed the most sophisticated seed enhancement programme in the world. It’s creating a stir – as disruptive technologies do – but we’re proud of what we’ve created and we want to make sure you understand the benefits.

NZ hybrid genetics have improved incrementally over the last decade and they will likely continue to improve by around 2-4% per season.

We’ve found ways to bring greater gains to your yield potential and perhaps more importantly, minimise the downside in challenging seasons.

World-class machinery

H&T’s ability to improve yield is underpinned by its multiple-dose line Cimbria CC-150 Centricoater seed treatment machine, which is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.

Here’s a bit more detail about the state of the art Cimbria CC-150 Centricoater technology:

  • The recipe and timing of your specific treatment application is carefully controlled
  • The delivery chambers that carry your seed to the treatment chamber are cleanable to ensure hybrid segregation
  • Each seed batch receives precisely the right amount of each chemical thanks to separate mixing tanks, which deliver individual products to the treater
  • Cross-contamination is avoided by dedicated dose lines which ensure each product has its own path to treatment
  • Individual seed-by-seed loading tolerances are achieved through product being applied in individually staged atomised films
  • Dust is removed at three points prior to the process to ensure we’re treating your valuable seed, not dust
  • The seed is re-bagged and labelled to tight tolerances thanks to the automatic bag weigher