H&T pasture mixes and forages are the product of rigorous, independent analysis of all commercially available certified New Zealand seed lines. H&T combine FVI data with region-specific performance and system suitability to give you confidence in your pastures.

Perennial dairy pasture for summer safe or irrigated environments

Top production and extended quality in the best dairy environments

Perennial dairy pasture

High yielding diploid ryegrass and clover suited to rotational grazing where moderate periods of summer moisture deficit can occur.

Pasture for reduced N loss

Palatable tetraploid perennial ryegrass, plantain and clover pasture designed for maximum nitrogen retention whilst maintaining performance and productivity.

Premium tetraploid pasture

Highly palatable tetraploid ryegrass with a high proportion of clover that suits finishing stock and high performing dairy

Perennial pasture for sheep and beef

Our most trusted sheep and beef pasture. A traditional growth curve to suit spring breeding systems and is able to tolerate periods of set stocking.

Cool season finishing

Perfect medium term pasture for drilling into chicory.

Sheep & Beef Finishing Systems

Plantain and clover mix delivering high quality feed that can be fed to a range of stock classes for consistent weight gains.

High Performance Multi-Use Forage

H&T’s proprietary herb and brassica blend. Multi-graze, flexi-graze nutrient friendly.

Cover Crop

Improve soil structure and capture excess nutrient and finish stock between arable crops.


All our pasture mixes come to you H&T Optimised® and are available with Poncho® and RAPPEL® Seed Applied Slug Repellent.


Contact your H&T Forage & Cropping Adviser to discuss your farm system and help make the right choice for your business.

The FVI (Forage Value Index) was developed by DairyNZ in conjunction with the New Zealand Plant Breeding and Research Association (NZPBRA). Each cultivar has an associated star rating to represent its rank in the Forage Value Index. The FVI is based on National Forage Variety Trial (NFVT) data supplied by NZPBRA.