At H&T we believe that there is nothing more infectious than good ideas communicated well.
Accurate, timely, precise communication between H&T and you, the client, is the key.

We'll be with you at key times of the year making plans for your forage and arable cropping, then working with you in season to achieve the best results.

Our Forage & Crop Advisors are equipped with Agworld.
Agworld is a cloud-based farm planning tool that we use to:

  • plan your cropping and agronomy for the whole season, every season
  • provide costed and budgeted cropping plans
  • communicate management events to your team and your contractors

Agworld stores all your information in the cloud for 24/7 access into the future.

We carry Thyme Evolved on our iPads to manage all sales, logistics and client account information live in the field.