Farming has come under the microscope, highlighting three key factors of concern:
  1. Nitrogen leaching 
  2. Sediment loss 
  3. Animal health and welfare
We have developed a range of Ecosystem pastures that take these interacting factors into account.

Ecogain - Pasture for reduced N loss 

Palatable tetraploid ryegrass, plantain and clover pasture designed for maximum nitrogen retention whilst maintaining performance and productivity. 
  • Ecogain uses a lower rate of tetraploid ryegrass for palatability, lower density and upright growth habit aiming to maintain 30% plantain and high clover content in the sward. 
  • By maintaining this proportion of plantain in the pasture we get the full benefit of four modes of action in cutting N loss. 
  • A high clover content means there is less reliance on N fertilisers.
  • Ecogain contains a medium and large leaf white clover which suits the grazing management of the tetraploid and plantain.