H&T is pleased to announce distribution of
VPMAXX® Brand Maize Hybrids.

VPMAXX® maize hybrids are selected from New Zealand’s largest maize breeding programme and H&T is delighted to work with Genetic Technologies Limited in the selection and promotion of VPMAXX® hybrids alongside our offering of Pioneer® Brand hybrids. We are very pleased with the current range of hybrids on offer and will be taking an active role in the selection of new hybrids as they become available.

H&T hybrid selection and promotion will continue to rely heavily on robust analysis of performance data from over 300 trials nationwide and we will make this available to you as we discuss hybrid selection.

VPMAXX® hybrids marketed by H&T Agronomics will also come with your choice of the following:

H&T’s tested, trialled and trusted seed enhancement package which contains the latest maize seed fungicides, a growth promotant, Poncho®VOTiVO® and Mesurol® where required. Combined with our cutting-edge polymers for improved plantability and active ingredient retention.


RAPPEL®, the world’s first Seed Applied Slug Repellent available where no-till, min-till or slug pressure is a problem. RAPPEL® is available from H&T on maize, cereals, brassicas and pasture mixes.



The world’s first organic maize seed treatment insecticide+fungicide+polymer package which we expect to have BioGro NZ approval for this spring.



Our 12 Forage & Cropping Advisers operate through the North Island of New Zealand. We continue to bring strategic tactical agronomy, crop protection strategies, and a host of new capabilities to your whole farm system.

As always, our advice and interactions with our clients are unbiased, independent and based on solid science.

We look forward to a great season working with you.

Best regards,

Duncan Thomas
Business Manager
H&T Agronomics

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