H&T Agronomics has a strong focus on clear, concise, accurate communication.

H&T Forage & Cropping Advisers lead the industry in the use of technology to ensure safe, clear and accurate communications with you.

We’re equipped with cellular capable Apple iPads and run four applications to manage our interactions with you.

Agworld® is a USA-developed app for crop and farm management. We create Farm Plans with you detailing costed, digitally mapped cropping plans for the season ahead, which are shared with you 24/7 through the cloud. Whenever we scout your crops or make observations or recommendations, these are detailed in pdf and digital form and contain:

  • Date of observation/recommendation
  • Expiry date of any advice or recommendation
  • Farm, location and grower name
  • Paddock names, GPS locations and areas
  • Problems requiring activity (e.g. weed, pest, disease) and the severity
  • Chemicals inputs (and their active ingredients) required
  • Precise rates of application and total quantity required, costed
  • Any withholdings to be observed
  • Application method (i.e. ground or aerial)
  • Comments for clarity and as a report of findings and action required
  • A farm map with applicable paddocks identified
  • Photos taken during the observation of particular pests or disease pressure

All activities (including observations, recommendations and plans) are stored on a season by season basis forever for future reference.

These recommendations and observations are distributed instantly at time of observation to the you, your staff, your contractors and H&T management as deemed necessary.

This prompts you and your contractors to action, ensures accurate remedy and records all activity in the paddock for future reference.

Agworld contains a live, continually updated chemical label and MSDS library for access in the field.

H&T also use Google Drive and WhatsApp.

We use Google Drive to store H&T internal documents including tech notes and procedures to share and store to ensure consistency of our information. Our Google Drive also stores duplicate chemical labels and makes these available live in the field with or without cellphone reception.

We use WhatsApp® to quickly provide solutions and checks within our team.  This means you access the power of our entire team through your Forage & Cropping Adviser. WhatsApp® is also an efficient tool for alerting each other of potential pest and disease outbreaks, keeping you ahead in the game.

Once a recommendation is made, any seed and chemical inputs are ordered from the field using our iPad Sage Mobile® app. Sage Mobile® ensures accurate orders are able to be made immediately following Agworld recommendations, and sent directly to our store and copied to you. Jobs are able to be tracked and checked for completion so we know where goods are should we need to track chemical orders or delivery.